This is possibly the worst mixed martial arts bout of all time and we got the video to prove it

Mixed martial arts are a very serious sport despite the lack of recognition from mainstream sports for the most part. And with a rising number of (mostly European) promotions that stage different events with varying rules, settings and even different attire it’s not hard to see why.

This latest clip features two unathletic specimens. While the gentlemen are the epitome of why one should train mixed martial arts before actually competing in an event they also remind us greatly of an actual bout ONE FC recently put on (and got called out for).

The two gentlemen were featured in Room 3 Clash of the Stars. The two are Kaluba and Max Green.

Kaluba aka Matouš Kaluba was facing off against Jiří “Max Green” Janouch. Kaluba appears to be some sort of an influencer relying on his comedy.

A promoter was especially eager to see this clashed having told local media a month before:

And what match do you think won’t be a nice spectacle from a sporting point of view? From whom do you expect the least?
“Good question. And a simple answer for me: Matouš Kaluba vs. Jiří Janouch (Max Green). I think that will be ugly. It won’t be a pretty fight. I am all the more curious to see how it will turn out, what will be decided there.”

Can you elaborate on who it is?
“These are the de facto tiktokers, but they don’t have such big numbers as, for example, Luktuma or Geybn. They work on TikTok, but they both have normal jobs, I think. Max Green is almost deaf. He can’t hear at all in one ear, badly in the other, so he has a hearing aid. And Kaluba is actually not sick at all, he is just eccentric and choleric. They’re not athletes, of course, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try the fight.”

The two proceeded to wave around and embarrass themselves during the two minute bout. This bizzare match up between the 2 gentlemen invoked parallels to similar crackpot matchmaking in a women’s bout that was featured earlier this month at ONE FC.

UFC flyweight blasted the org for letting a girl basically make her professional debut with no amateur experience. Predictably she too was grabbing her midriff half way through and asking the ref to stop the event.

Noelle Grandjean struck Bivins with a body shot at which point Lea started waving the action off while Grandjean piled on and Herb Dean struggled to be the exact appropriate amount of late in his reaction.

Noelle Grandjean had a 3-0 MMA record heading into the event and had experience in judo. Meanwhile Bivins is reportedly a brown belt in bjj and had competed in wrestling.

UFC Flyweight softened her initial stance adding: