The unqiue reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger could never have six pack abs

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an iconic Austrian bodybuilder and former Governor of California. He has always been celebrated for his Herculean physique showcased in roles such as Predator, Hercules, Total Recall, and Terminator.

However, you might be surprised to learn that instead of the coveted six-pack, Schwarzenegger sports a four-pack.

According to research, the number of abdominal packs an individual exhibits is influenced by their fascia. It is a connective tissue that plays a significant role in shaping the appearance of abdominal muscles.

This implies that the more fascia you have, the more packs you’ll eventually have.

Schwarzenegger has two rows that are clearly visible. But if you look very carefully, you may see what seems to be a third, less obvious row below.

It turns out that the actor’s abs are a hot subject, with people curious as to whether he has a four-pack or a six-pack and the cause of this.

Reddit user Flares117 initiated a discussion on the ‘Today I Learned’ platform, sharing a Healthline story that asserts Schwarzenegger indeed boasts a four-pack. It is a distinction attributed to genetic predisposition.

The post highlights a key insight: abdominal development is dictated by genetics.

The post read: TIL: “The amount of abs you can attain is purely determined by genetics. While 6 packs are the most common, some bodybuilders such as Schwarzenegger can only attain a 4 pack. This is due to humans being born with different amounts of fascia bands. The most you can have is a 10 pack, which is rare”

The quantity of fascia tissue you are born with is determined by genetics, according to the Healthline article.

Arnie is not alone here – The Rock also has had problems with his abs though he credits his to injury.

For instance if you were born with three rows, the maximum number of abs you may ever have is six since you cannot develop more.

The article continued by saying that no matter how hard you work, you are predestined to appear a specific way in that area. This is because genetics also control the symmetry, length, and size of your abs.