‘The Rock’ reportedly gifts UFC’s Themba Gorimbo a fully furnished house in Miami

In a heartwarming display of compassion and generosity, Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson extended his helping hand to UFC competitor Themba Gorimbo.

The talented combatant had recently opened up about his financial struggles, revealing that he faced dire financial circumstances with only $7 in his bank account before achieving victory at UFC Vegas 73.

In a candid post interview in May, Themba Gorimbo shared the hardships he encountered during his journey to America. Upon his arrival, he found himself in a dire state with no money and struggling to make ends meet. Transportation to the gym was a luxury he could barely afford, given his limited funds.

During this challenging period, a ray of hope shone through when a compassionate friend sent him $200. This provided him with much-needed support and enabled him to survive during those early weeks.

Dwayne Johnson was deeply moved by Gorimbo’s determination and talent. Being no stranger to the struggles of starting from the bottom, Johnson could empathize with the UFC combatant’s plight. In a heartfelt gesture, he promised to stand by Gorimbo and lend a helping hand.

He wrote: “This is f’n crazy to see and brings back many emotions and memories. $7.49 in this fighter’s bank account. I once had $7 bucks too. I’ve been there on that grind. Got your back, brother. I’ll help. You got this. I’ll be in touch @TheAnswerMMA #hardestworkersintheroom”

True to his word, Dwayne Johnson went above and beyond to support Gorimbo. He gifted him a fully furnished house in the vibrant city of Miami. The generous gesture was a life-changing event for the combatant, who couldn’t believe the kindness and support he received from the renowned actor.

Adding to the touching narrative, Dwayne Johnson personally visited the MMA Master gym in Florida where Gorimbo trains. The surprise visit allowed the two athletes to meet in person finally.