The Rock offers help to UFC star with only $7 in bank account: “This is crazy”

Dwayne Johnson has had a complex relationship with UFC fans over the years. However, his recent act of kindness has captured the attention of fans and is worth acknowledging.

Dwayne Johnson has been involved with the UFC in various capacities, from presenting the inaugural BMF title to designing the shoes combatants wear during event week. He also expressed his intent to create a film about the legendary Mark Kerr, which unfortunately didn’t materialize.

Throughout these engagements tensions have arisen between fans and fighters, and the WWE champion turned Hollywood superstar. Some combatants have also openly expressed their dislike for the mandated footwear.

Despite the history of tension, Dwayne Johnson recently seized an opportunity to assist a struggling UFC competitor Themba Gorimbo.

Following Gorimbo’s victory over Takashi Soto at UFC Vegas 73, it was revealed that he had a mere $7.49 in his bank account before the match. Gorimbo relied on the complimentary meals provided by the UFC during week to sustain himself.

After the match, Gorimbo tweeted a screenshot of his bank account on social media along with a statement expressing his appreciation for the UFC’s amenities. He wrote: “That was the money I had left before the fight and now God granted me a good win and it’s going to be a great one going forward. If it wasn’t for the free UFC meals I started to receive after I signed the fight, I would probably be singing a different story. Grateful.”

Upon learning about Gorimbo’s financial hardship, Johnson took to Twitter to express his empathy and pledged to reach out to the Zimbabwean fighter.

He tweeted:

Johnson has gained appreciation and respect among combat sports fans for his sincere care for the welfare of other athletes. This unusual act of generosity has touched the hearts of fans and members of the MMA community.

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While it’s nice to see Johnson try and help, it’s also worth noting that his own collaboration with the UFC in the form of an Under Armour sneaker collection is further liming the ability UFC stars have to make money outside of competition.