The man indicted of abusing a minor relative of Cain Velasquez’ pleads not guilty

Several days ago Cain Velasquez released his first statement following the arrest for attempted murder. Velasquez is facing a potential 20 years to life sentence for running a vehicle containing an alleged abuser of an underaged relative off the road and subsequently firing into it (and accidentally hitting another passenger).

The man at the center of this case is not the former UFC heavyweight champion but the man who is indicted of a lewd act upon a child – Harry Goularte.

43 year old Hoularte did not attend his plea hearing in South County Morgan Hill  – he is released on bond and had zoomed into his hearing.  Both the prosecution and defense asked Judge Le Jacqueline Duong for a continuance in the case. The judge approved the request and set Goularte’s plea hearing for June 6 as per MMAJunkie.

Goularte’s attorney insists he is innocent.

“We intend to prove his innocence, and I think the people around here (protesting) should understand someone is presumed innocent until he’s convicted,” DeFilippis said. “… He didn’t do it.”

Deputy district attorney Robert Philbrook didn’t object to Goularte being present via the internet – to the dismay of Cain Velasquez supporters gathered outside.

“The investigation is on-going,” Philbrook said. “The full police report has just been provided and there needs to be time for both parties to view and go over it and make sure all the discovery is provided.”

Investigators claimed Goularte sexually assaulted the minor in the bathroom of a daycare  his mother was running. The victim said it happened “100 times” and that other children were also seen going into the bathroom with Goularte.