Teammate blasts trans swimmer Lia Thomas: so ‘well-endowed’ I had to ‘refrain from looking’

A recent podcast interview has sparked controversy as transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ body was discussed by female swimmer Riley Gaines.

The interview, hosted by Bill Maher, featured Riley Gaines, an advocate for women’s sports, discussing her experience sharing a locker room with Lia Thomas during a meet.

Gaines expressed that she found Thomas to be “well-endowed” and mentioned that she had to “refrain from looking” at Thomas in the locker room. Although Gaines declined to provide specific size estimations, she stated that Thomas’ body proportions are in line with those of a “6-foot-4 male.”

Gaines, who has been vocal about her concerns regarding biological men competing in women’s sports, tied against Thomas in the 2022 NCAA Championships. She has since become an outspoken activist against allowing transgender women to compete against cisgender women, arguing that it is unfair due to potential advantages in strength and endurance.

During the podcast, Gaines shared her discomfort about changing alongside Thomas and revealed that some swimmers opted to undress in a janitor’s closet to avoid being in the same space.

She likened the experience of encountering Thomas’ body size to witnessing a “bad car wreck,” emphasizing the awkwardness she felt.

Bill Maher probed Gaines to provide further details about Thomas’ physical attributes, but Gaines remained hesitant to engage in such discussions. When pressed, she mentioned that Thomas’ endowment is proportionate to that of a “6-foot-4 male.”

Gaines’ stance on the inclusion of transgender women in women’s sports has stirred controversy, and she has faced backlash from trans-rights activists. In April, she reportedly faced physical altercations with trans-rights protesters during a speech she gave at San Francisco State University.

Lia Thomas gained attention for her successful transition to women’s swimming after competing on the men’s team. She has achieved impressive rankings in women’s swimming events, but her presence has sparked debates about fairness and inclusivity in sports.

While Thomas expressed interest in competing at the Olympics, new IOC guidelines quickly nixed that.