Tattooed Giant Barges Into Jiu-jitsu Class and Challenges The Instructor

Once again, a Florida man stunned people with unusual behavior and got his name featured in the headlines. This time, a tattooed giant Florida man got himself into a jiu-jitsu class over at Robson Moura BJJ Headquarters in Tampa and challenged anyone there to fight him for $20.

The instructor, Robson Moura, who is also the owner of the place, accepted the challenge. The 6th degree BJJ black belt instructor also added the term that if the giant loses within 5 minutes, he would sign up at the academy.

Surprisingly, the Florida giant’s fighting skill wasn’t as great as his confidence. In video footage Florida man can be seen getting dominated as soon as the duel started. He immediately got taken down by Robson Moura and locked in a rear-naked choke. The guy then tapped.

However, the duel isn’t over. As the Florida man continued moving, Moura, who competes in gi at 140 lbs, had to keep the guy in a submission hold. Not long after, Moura put the guy in an armbar and he finally gave up.

“I have a bad shoulder, I have a bad shoulder…” said the Florida man and Moura then released him. They tried to continue the fight but the Florida man was already out of his breath.

Robson “Robinho” Moura is a Brazilian and is an 8X World Champion. He came from Teresopolis in Brazil and currently lives in Tampa, where he established the Robson Moura BJJ Academy. Moura also competed in professional mixed martial arts in 2002 within Shooto. He has gone 2-1-1 during a 2 years period.