Swastika sympathizing MMA pro sentenced to 3 years after threatening wife’s life

John Matthew Darch made waves in MMA due to the fact he was sporting a Swastika tattoo on his chest.

But Darch ‘s ideology is the least of his concern given the fact he had doused his wife in petrol and threatened to burn her alive while their kids were in the house.

Darch and his wife Brooke were outside their residence and enjoying drinks by a fire. John requested his wife go to bed – and when she refused to comply he went overboard.

Darch then proceeded to kick, punch, and slap his wife while she laid on the ground. He then went on to get a jerry can and poured around five liters of petrol on her while she was close to the fire. He threatened to burn her alive.

Brooke took off her petrol-soaked jumper and ran into the house but Darch pursued her and continuously assaulted her until she managed to escape.

During the court hearing, Darch’s lawyer went on to tell the court that his client was taking mind-altering psychotropic medication for his mental health problems. The medication combined with simultaneous drinking was what apparently led to the assault.

A family violence restraining order was imposed and after which Brooke divorced him. Ever since the assault she is reported to be suffering from depression and sleep deprivation, with the smell of petrol triggering her conditions.

Judge David MacLean had this to say in Darch’s sentencing, “Through your selfishness and rage against your former partner, you’ve destroyed your family,’ Judge David MacLean said in sentencing Darch.”

“Although you were not charged with offences against your children … you’ve taken away the opportunity in these very important years of having any meaningful relationship with you.”

“It demonstrates a reckless disregard for the combination of those two dangerous substances, even though it’s prescribed.”

“It’s not a toy. It’s not a treat. It’s something which if not taken properly is dangerous.”
Darch was sentenced to just three years of jail time but he is eligible to be out for parole as early as next year.