Suspicious timing? McGregor donates to old boxing gym in fall out from assault investigation

Conor McGregor just donated a huge chunk of money to his old boxing club. He gave the club 1 million euros to help improve its facilities.

The club in question is almost 90 years old and has produced many skilled boxers over the years. It is also where the “Notorious” one developed his striking, even before starting MMA. Over the past few years, the Irish star has returned to train at the club where it all began.

The Crumlin Boxing Club announced the following:

“Conor McGregor paid €1,000.000 to get Crumlin Boxing Club extended making it the best boxing club on the planet and with the best three coaches also, Philip, Bra, and Stephen.”

With this donation, they will renovate the club’s deteriorating building. They will add two stories to it and add the state-of-the-art equipment that’s used in boxing today.

While McGregor made the donation quietly, people are questioning if he’s just trying to avoid the bad press that he’s received lately.

Interestingly, even though we’ve verified the posting earlier it has since been deleted.

The former two-division champion has been accused of assaulting a woman. The incident reportedly happened when the Irishman was at a yacht party in Ibiza, Spain.

A woman claimed that he kicked her in her abdominal area and even threatened to throw her off the boat. She apparently had to jump off the vessel to save her life and was saved by a Red Cross boat.

The incident happened all the way back in July. A judge reopened the previously close cased after receiving some more info about it. McGregor has denied everything related to the incident via his spokesperson.

More controversy arose when the woman’s car was destroyed in a fire. Because it was a criminal arson attack, people are saying that McGregor has something to do with it.

She then sued the MMA star in the Dublin High Court. The first hearing will take place on the 27th of February.