Strongman Brian Shaw set to make MMA debut in 2024

Brian Shaw is renowned as one of the strongest men in history. He is embarking on an unexpected and challenging new chapter in his life. After an illustrious career that includes four World’s Strongest Man titles, Brian Shaw officially retired from the Strongman sport earlier this year. However, rather than stepping into the shadows of retirement, Brian has surprised the world by revealing his entry into the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

In a video Brian Shaw shared his remarkable transition into MMA, leaving fans and fellow athletes astounded. Unlike most career transitions, Brian Shaw’s venture into MMA is not to be taken lightly, as he’s already preparing for his first fight.

While it might seem unconventional for someone as accomplished as Brian Shaw to start from scratch in a new sport, it’s the challenge and the opportunity to learn and evolve that lured him into this exciting new endeavor. In his own words, “I get to learn; I get to go back to being a beginner… It is very mentally stimulating for me.”

For years, MMA had piqued Brian’s interest, but his massive frame and weight made it seem improbable. However, the contract he signed allows him to compete in the open weight class, removing the weight cap and presenting a golden opportunity for him to transition into this dynamic and demanding sport.

To make this transition a reality, Brian Shaw has dedicated himself to intense training. He’s assembled a team of experts, including Cody Donovan, Vinnie Lopez, Loren Landow, and Joe Kenn, to help him prepare for his inaugural MMA bout.

Brian Shaw’s mindset and approach to MMA mirror his approach to Strongman competitions. “You put this in front of me; give me a deadline; give me an MMA match; I am going in to win. I’m going in to dominate. I feel as though you can put anybody in front of me, and I am going to figure out a way to make this happen.”

Acknowledging the steep learning curve ahead, Brian is determined to harness his colossal physique’s full potential, which he believes will make him a formidable force in the MMA arena. With a hint of excitement, he added, “With what I am learning right now, I think the danger level for anyone going against me is going to be very, very high… It is going to get very exciting as we lead up to this coming in early 2024.”

Despite a challenging year with health concerns and injuries, Brian Shaw remains unshakably committed to achieving excellence. This transition to MMA, which seemed implausible in the past, is now a bold reality, guided by Brian’s unwavering dedication.

Joe Rogan, a prominent MMA enthusiast and commentator, recognizes Brian’s potential in the sport. After seeing some of Brian’s Strongman feats, Joe said, “Imagine trying to do Jiu-Jitsu with that guy (Brian). He’d smoke everybody.”