Stripper turned UFC fighter Vanessa Demopoulos jumps into Bisping’s embrace, compares him to Joe Rogan

Vanessa Demopoulos just had another good showing in the octagon. The 33 year old exotic dancer turned UFC fighter is developing a schtick from her celebration routine. Vanessa Demopoulos defeated Jinh Yu Frey by split decision.

During her recent interview with MMA News, the 33-year-old recalled her life-changing decision. She expressed relief after quitting her old job.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to be completely immersed in the thing I love doing so very much. It’s been completely life-changing for me, this camp especially being at Fight Ready and just being able to give my all to the thing that I love.” Demopoulos said.

After winning her bout against Jinh Yu Frey she jumped into Bisping’s arms to celebrate during the interview.

Unlike Rogan, Bisping wasn’t too fond of the gimmick and didn’t provide support.

During the post fight presser, Dempopulous compared the two saying Rogan was way better as a prop.

“Joe’s was way better… I kinda knew Bisping was not gonna hold me up. It’s a part of his personality. I don’t take it personal,” said Vanessa Demopoulos.