Strickland Praises Trump: It’s just nicer to be reminded that we’re all Americans

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland recently spoke glowingly about his experience meeting former president Donald Trump. He called Trump a “really solid guy” and indicated he now wants to host a rally for Trump.

In a long YouTube video posted online, Strickland described his eventful week which included hanging out with Trump.

He said: “It’s been a really fun 24 hours, you guys. I’ve met a lot of fun people. The last couple days. Oh, man. Well, this week started off with Donald Trump.”

Strickland has built a reputation for making controversial and offensive statements, but his positive comments about Trump suggest he really connected with the former president’s style and messaging.

“Actually, a really solid guy. I didn’t know if I’d like Donald Trump, but really authentic. Really authentic. Yeah, it’s really nice.”

Strickland went on to say he was impressed by Trump and his followers. While not fully endorsing a Trump 2024 run, Strickland indicated he would enthusiastically support Trump if he became the Republican nominee again.

“I think that I need to run a rally of Trump. You know? Here’s the thing, dude. I’m not saying that I vote for Trump in the primaries, you guys. I like the Trumpsters. But I’m not saying that I voted for him in the primaries. But, you know, if he gets the nominee, Trump 2024. But, man, I think I gotta run a rally, dude. I think you need me.”

“Oh, man, dude. I love the people. Like, I feel like Trump’s people are my people, you know. Like, I love the people.”

The outspoken UFC competitor also praised Trump’s messaging and contrasted it favourably with President Biden’s.

He went on to say: “What I like about Trump though, there’s no boogeyman. You know? There’s no, like… at his rallies, it’s America first. But there’s no, like, there’s no black versus white. There’s no, like, there’s none of that. It’s just like a like, all he says is we’re Americans, and that’s something I really f**king found refreshing.”

“Because you go to Biden’s and like, Biden, every time Biden talks, it’s like black versus white. It’s this versus that. It’s just nicer to be reminded that we’re all Americans.”

Strickland is no stranger to controversy, but his vocal support for Trump will likely raise eyebrows given Trump’s divisive history.