Strangest MMA Beefs: Nate Diaz Beefs With Justin Bieber

Controversies are inseparable from the career of Nate Diaz. Stockton native has had many altercations with various people from Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier to Dana White. But regardless, his internet scrap with pop star Justin Bieber is probably the weirdest of all.

It’s all started right after UFC 196 when Diaz submitted the then featherweight champion Conor McGregor who was undefeated in the UFC up to that point.

Frustrated that his close friend McGregor just lost, Justin Bieber took to Instagram reacting to the fight by dissing Diaz on Instagram saying “his style is terrible” and praising McGregor by calling him “a true champion” who “fights with style and finesse.”

Diaz is known to not take disrespect lightly. He returned fire by posting a meme of him slapping Bieber telling him “Shut Your Bi*ch A*s Up!” with a caption “Biebers a hater.”



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The tensions cooled down for both men when they met each other in a club in Los Angeles and even took a picture together. Diaz described the rendezvous with Bieber on a TV show with host Conan O’Brien a couple of months later.

“I was out in here in L.A. and I went to a club, like four days later, and everybody was coming up to me like ‘Hey, Justin Bieber’s over there in the corner!’ Like there was this big fight that was supposed to go down between me and Justin. I was like ‘It’s alright, leave Justin alone.”

“He had a little crew with him, a bunch of little Biebers, and they came and found me. I had a crew with me too. He was like ‘It’s all good, let’s squash the beef man.’ I was like ‘Wow, is that how a beef works out here? It’s all good, I have no problem with you, Justin Bieber.’ He’s cool now.” Diaz said.