Snoop Dogg Wowed By Worlds Worst Self Defense Teacher

Snoop Dogg is a fan of many sports – among them are boxing and mixed martial arts. In fact he’s even commentated both boxing and MMA events in the past. However this didn’t make the legendary rapper immune to the charms of Commander Dale Brown of Detroit Urban Survival Training.

DUST has reached peak fame in the last month culminating with them doing Martial arts satire collab with Master Ken.

From the Ken video they’ve moved on to engaging with the celebrities.



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Here’s Dale Brown engaging San Antonio Spurs Player Bryn Forbes in Self defense ‘training’ on the court.

In addition to this there’s also a clip of Dale Brown engaging with Snoop Dogg – and the rapper validating his self defense claims

It’s baffling to see real fans of combat sports engaging with this type of content. Recently it’s been uncovered that Dale Brown has under 2 years of Military experience and that there’s a number of facts he’s embellished about his life. You can check out that coverage at