Shoving match ensues at face offs between BKFC’s Christine Ferea and Taylor Starling

BKFC scheduled its 28th event at Albuquerque on August 27, 2022. Christine Ferea and Taylor Starling will headline the event competing for the featherweight women’s championship. The weigh-in for the event resulted in a heated exchange between Christine Ferea and Taylor Starling.

During the stare down, Ferea and Starling exchanged words and shoved each other. In the video, you can see that both women did not want to wait for Saturday night. For a moment, it looked like they would start trading blows.

Christine Ferea is the current BKFC featherweight champion. She had an impressive record of 5 wins and just one loss. On the other hand, her opponent Taylor Starling has a 3 win streak. BKFC will visit New Mexico first time for a pay per view event.

Christine Ferea became the first woman to hold the championship in BKFC when she defeated Britain Hart at BKFC knucklemania 2 in February this year. In the weigh-in Video, she shouted, “it’s my time now.”

Taylor’ Killa Bee’ Starling joined the promotion last year. She won 2 by decision and one by TKO. This bout will mark her first chance to win the gold.

Elsewhere on the card,

Tony Loco Soto and Joshua Morales had one of the strangest face offs of all time thank to the presence of Morales’ dog. Loco was so ‘inspired’ by the dog’s presence he threatened to copulate with it after defeating Morales.

This raised quite a few eyebrows as one of those unscripted moments that left the audience in disbelief. To make the whole thing even more odd and awkwar BKFC production team cut to the dog afterwards delivering a must see tv moment.

The moment went viral and drew reactions from one of biggest UFC superstars – Jon Jones. While Jones is somewhat of a ‘bad boy’ himself the dog threats are where he draws the line.

Jon Jones replied with a nauseated emoji and pointed out the viciousness of the video edit cutting to the dog int he aftermath of the threat.