Sean Strickland roasts Ian Garry’s wife after her call for attention: The only thing you’ve ever done is seduce famous men

UFC star Sean Strickland wasted no time in responding to the criticisms laid out by Ian Garry’s wife, Layla Anna-Lee.

In a recent Instagram video, Layla Anna-Lee vehemently refuted accusations leveled against her and her husband. The focus primarily centered on Strickland’s derogatory remarks that branded her as a “predator” and Ian Garry as a “cuck.”

Layla Anna-Lee also addressed remarks made by Colby Covington, a UFC contender who has often made fun of the couple’s relationship.

In a direct video, Strickland didn’t shy away from confronting Anna-Lee’s accusations. He dismissed her claims as attention-seeking tactics, asserting his stance on the matter. Strickland went on to call her a “succubus,” emphasizing her alleged thirst for recognition.

Strickland said: “Alright succubus, I’ll give you what you want. You talk about me, I’ll give you what you want — attention. I don’t want to call you by your name because if we know anything about demons, the moment you start using their name it gives them power. That’s all you want, right? Power and attention.”

“When you post a picture and you get those fake plastic t*tties in that tiny little dress, and you realize, ‘Man, I’m an old lady. No one wants to see me half-naked in a dress,’ and think to yourself, ‘How can I get the attention that I want?’”

Strickland went on to assert that everyone had moved on from the drama, but Anna-Lee called him out again in order to get attention.

“You talk about me. You bring my f*cking name up. You’ve never done anything. You’ve never accomplished anything. The only thing you’ve ever done is seduce famous men.”

“And let me tell you why you’re such a despicable person. Everybody has gone and forgotten about this. We’ve accepted Ian and we’ve accepted you, as disgusting as it may seem, and then you bring this back up and tarnish your husband’s name just because that little insecure succubus demon inside you wants attention.”

“Whatever succubus cave you came from, just f*cking go back to it.”

It now seems like the Strickland-Garry drama has not ended yet. Fans are waiting to see what happens next between the two outspoken competitors.