Sean Strickland offers self defense ‘expert’ Dale Brown $200k to duel him in the desert

Sean Strickland has just accepted D.U.S.T’s Dale Brown’s idea for a challenge in the desert. The UFC middleweight says that he’s even willing to make the arrangements to accommodate Brown.

This came after Brown randomly challenged Strickland to square up in a remote area.

A video of the two fooling around went viral after Strickland tripped the popular self-defense instructor onto a glass shelf. Since this happened, Brown’s legitimacy is being questioned.
Brown, in an interview, said the following:

“We’ll go out there, we won’t be around any witnesses, other than the camera person, and we’ll go out into the desert,” said Brown in an interview.

It is not sure if Brown thought that Strickland would become serious about it because he did. The UFC middleweight, who’s famous for his outlandish antics, responded by saying the following:

“You said you would meet me in the desert… I will make you a deal… I will buy your plane ticket, I will put you up at whatever hotel you want, I will take $200K in cash and I will put it in the sand. You have that money, all you gotta do is beat me…”

While their earlier exchanges were wholesome, Strickland talked trash about Brown in this one:
“The thing is, you’re a fraud, a phony, a con artist. You know you are and I know you are.”

There’s very little chance of this happening, but this isn’t the first time that Brown has been called a fraud.

It’s possibly more interesting to hear that Strickland has $200,000 to waste,

The instructor became viral for his cringey self-defense videos on social media, which triggered many in MMA. His videos were getting roasted, with many pointing out the flaws in them.

As far as his combat training is concerned, Brown is a US Army vet who served for a total of two years. A piece by Rude Vulture describes his total self-defense training as “2 weeks of training and $3650” spent.

So, there’s no way that he’d be interested in fighting an elite killer like Strickland.