Sean Strickland claims Raymond Daniels knocked out Tony Ferguson in Training

Following Sean Strickland has been a wild ride ever since he figured out that there’s a reason why Colby Covington keeps pulling the douchebag act. For Strickland this means oversharing about family trauma, cosplaying as Dexter Morgan and pulling douche moves at the gym.

In the latest attention grab UFC middleweight is sharing about the experience he had sparring other fighters. For him – sparring former UFC superstar Sage Northcutt was a revealing experience. Strickland writes:

 “I sparred sage once… lol he stormed off the mat and it was followed by his mom saying “should I go talk to him” 1. Why the f*ck is your mom here. 2. No he’s a grown as man let him go act like a female alone lol”

Soon the fans prompted Strickland to share about Tony Ferguson – and once again he had nothing nice to say.

Yeah he’s a c*nt lol! Raymond Daniel’s pulled a head kick once and Tony got mad about it because he didn’t throw it hard so the next kick he knocked Tony out…

But at least Strickland wasn’t pulling punches when it came to his own sparring sessions with Daniel:

For those unfamiliar to Daniels – he is married to Sage Northcutt’s sister Colby. He is also a superb kickboxer and current Bellator MMA fighter.