Sean Strickland admitted to struggling with depression in aftermath of UFC Vegas 67 win

Sean Strickland recently made an interesting admission. This was after his unanimous decision win over Nassourdine Imavov at UFC on ESPN+ 75. Strickland discussed the bout and at the end of the show, he said that he is a “naturally depressed” person. 

He said that he was sad even despite beating Imavov on short notice and ending his 2 loss spree.

“Even after this win, there’s so much salt and anger in me. I’m going to go home and turn the lights off and stare into a dark room, and wait for sparring on Tuesday.”

In response, Juliana Pena asked Strickland if he was alright.

“Sean, we have to ask, are you really ok though?”

To which, Strickland replied by saying: “Sometimes I am, sometimes I have a nervous twitch,”

Pena told him that she was concerned, and Strickland replied by saying: “No, it’s okay, don’t be concerned for me, be concerned for others,”

Strickland, who’s known for the sheer lunacy of his interviews, has discussed depression before, but not in the most positive way.

A few months ago, Strickland dissed Ronda Rousey for her old interview about being depressed after her loss to Holly Holm. He said that “she is everything that’s wrong with the f–g world,

He ranted in an Instagram video that Rousey along with others acts depressed just for the sake of it. He said that they like to use it to seem cool:

“Everybody’s fu**ing depressed, everybody is suicidal, and let me fu**ing tell you guys, it is not fu**ing cool.”

“And I hate Ronda Rousey because she used something so fu**ed up and so serious as a ‘but I overcame it’ strong moment when it’s fu**ing not.”

After this rant and the backlash that came with it, Strickland wrote on social media that he was unstable.

“Just finished a Brendon Schaub podcast I think this might be the last one I do… I’m not stable enough to speak.. after I awhile I start advocating for puppy murder. No further request,”