Sean O’Malley issues scathing response to Bryce Mitchell diss

UFC rising star Bryce Mitchell believes that Sean O’Malley didn’t deserve to face bantamweight number one contender Petr Yan. ‘Sugar’ responded to that comment with a pretty harsh insult.

Bryce Mitchell has proven that he has grappling skills considering he’s currently 5-0 in the UFC. The featherweight contender is also known for his controversial takes and eccentric conspiracy theories.

Before UFC 280 kicked off last weekend, Mitchell was asked to pick the winner of Petr Yan vs Sean O’Malley on the main card.

Mitchell picked Yan and added that O’Malley didn’t deserve a shot against a top contender like Petr Yan. O’Malley’s previous ranked opponent was Pedro Munhoz and it ended as a no-contest after O’Malley eye poked him accidentally.

“I also have to pick Yan over O’Malley. The reason being is because once again, O’Malley hasn’t even earned that spot. He’s used his mouth to get him that fight. His YouTube followers ain’t going to help him once the cage doors get locked.” Mitchell said.

O’Malley took to his Instagram account to respond to this comment. The 27-year-old recorded himself watching Mitchell’s clip and said a pretty fiery response. Sport journalist Chisanga Malata managed to capture the Instagram story and posted the clip to his Twitter account.

“Your dad f***ed his sister to make you.” O’Malley said in a video response.

Sean O’Malley defeated Petr Yan via split decision at UFC 280. This result outraged a lot of fans and fellow UFC athletes considering Yan was dictating the tempo and had controlled O’Malley for 7 whole minutes in addition to asserting his dominance with takedowns.

A lot of fans believe O’Malley is favored thanks to his star power. With that victory, O’Malley can have a title shot for his next outing.