Ryan Garcia claims he’s a woman, says Haney committed a ‘hate crime’ shoving him

A heated exchange took place at Citi Field on Tuesday evening, sparking intrigue among spectators and fans alike.

As part of their promotional tour for the highly anticipated April 20th match in Brooklyn, Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney engaged in their first face-to-face encounter at the iconic Empire State Building. However, what was intended to be a routine promotional event quickly escalated into a fiery exchange between the two boxing rivals.

The situation got heated during the face off, with Haney finally pushing Garcia in the face. The two had been beefing beforehand, and Garcia was heard shouting “Where’s your mom, b***h?”

Following the intense faceoff, anticipation mounted as both Garcia and Haney were scheduled to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Mets-Pirates game later that evening. As the crowd eagerly awaited their appearance on the field, tensions simmered beneath the surface.

Moments before Garcia and Haney were set to step onto the field, the Mets organization made a last-minute decision to prevent the boxers from participating in the ceremonial pitch. Concerns over potential conflict between the boxers in front of the audience led the Mets to be cautious. They ultimately ended up denying Garcia and Haney the opportunity to take the mound.

Expressing his frustration, an irritated Ryan Garcia voiced his discontent with the Mets’ decision to exclude him from the ceremonial pitch.


Additionally, Garcia said that Devin Haney had committed a ‘hate crime’ during their altercation and that he now identifies as a woman on social media.

Garcia tweeted on X: “Devin touched me without my consent im suing him for putting his hands on me. And I Identify as a woman. So he touched me as a Grown man and hit a Grown woman. And I’m lgbtq+. So now it’s a hate crime. Nah this is SO F****D UP.”

As tensions continue to mount between the two boxers, fans eagerly await the moment when these two will finally meet in the ring on April 20th.