Russian media denies reports MMA star wounded in war, they insist he was bitten by a dog

Controversial mixed martial artist Viacheslav Datsik, known for his tumultuous career and divisive beliefs, finds himself at the center of a media storm. Reports surfaced suggesting that Datsik was wounded in the Russia-Ukraine war, with his arm shredded.

However, Russian media outlets have vehemently denied these claims, asserting that Datsik’s injuries resulted from a dog bite.

Viacheslav Datsik has a history marked by criminal incidents and extremist ideologies. Despite his accomplishments in MMA and boxing, Datsik’s life outside the sports arena has often overshadowed his athletic achievements. Known as ‘The Redhead Tarzan,’ the 43-year-old athlete has faced legal troubles, including armed robbery and controversial beliefs leading to time in a high-security mental asylum.

In a recent social media post, fellow MMA athlete Nikita Vorozhbitov shared a photo of Datsik on a hospital bed with a significant wound on his left forearm. Vorozhbitov claimed that Datsik sustained the injury during a combat mission in the Northern Military District zone, sparking speculation about the MMA star’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

 Vorozhbitov wrote:“Datsik was wounded during a combat mission in the Northern Military District zone. No matter what anyone says, Slava takes it and does it.”

However, Russian boxing promoter Vladimir Khryunov dismissed the war-related claims, asserting that Datsik’s injuries were the result of a dog bite. Khryunov’s denial contradicts Vorozhbitov’s narrative, adding a layer of mystery and controversy to Datsik’s current situation.


“Datsik was injured while jogging; he got into a fight with a dog. Vyacheslav is now recovering from the attack,” Khryunov told Match TV.

Datsik’s life has been marked by a series of tumultuous events, and this latest episode only adds to the enigma surrounding the self-proclaimed discriminatory athlete. As conflicting reports emerge, the true nature of Viacheslav Datsik’s injuries remains shrouded in uncertainty, fueling speculation and intrigue within the MMA community and beyond.