Rumored: Jake Paul books Tommy Fury for his boxing return

Jake Paul has been considering potential opponents for his August boxing date.

In contention were a number of middle aged men with an MMA background, a rugby player turned celebrity boxer , Mike Tyson and Tommy Fury.

It seems like the criticisms got to Paul while he was promoting his protege’s bout at the Madison Square Garden, which might be why he’s giving Tommy Fury another chance.

Another potential factor is Paul seeing how the Fury family dynamics played out during the recent mega event between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte. And of course last but not least, the chance to poke fun at the Fury family patriarch – the hot headed John Fury.

Fury and Paul were previously booked to face each other in December however Fury had to drop out due to breaking two ribs and suffering a bacterial infection.

Many believe that the injury resulted from the Fury family’s unorthodox method of body hardening which has been widely criticized.

While Paul’s other potential opponents had more of a background to speak of – Tommy Fury has a pure boxing pedigree that would allow for Paul to silence his critics.

Jake Paul made a simple announcement: “I’m back.”

Fury won over Daniel Bocianski via decision on the same night that his older brother defeated Dillian Whyte in a spectacular fashion.

Tommy said after his win, “I’ve got one thing to say. This [Paul fight] should have been done a long time ago in December. If you want it, I’m here and I’m ready for you. I’ll cut you and chop you to bits, just like I did there.”

YouTube news show host ‘ Keemstar confirmed the news saying:

“What I’m hearing from my sources that Jake Paul is going to be in fact facing Tommy Fury. It looks like Jake is going to give him another chance,” he said.