Rose Namajunas buys into Chemtrail conspiracy theory

Rose “Thug” Namajunas has seemingly joined the club of UFC stars who peddle in conspiracy theories.

Thug Rose recently posted a picture of some cirrus clouds on Instagram and claimed that they were looking unnatural.

Namajunas captioned the post “This ain’t no airplane, messin with Gods creation?! All organic fertilizer or somethin what’s going on?”.

Some Instagram users supported her odd claims saying that it was proof of chemtrails and stratospheric geo-engineering. However, others correctly pointed out that they were just harmless cirrus clouds that were dispersed due to wind patterns.

The chemtrail conspiracy theory suggests that certain trails left by aircraft in the sky, commonly referred to as “chemtrails,” are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for nefarious purposes. Proponents of this theory claim that these trails are different from normal contrails, which are formed by the condensation of water vapor in aircraft exhaust at high altitudes.

According to believers of the chemtrail conspiracy, these alleged chemtrails contain harmful substances such as toxins, mind-altering chemicals, or even biological agents. The motives attributed to the supposed spraying vary, ranging from weather manipulation and population control to mind control and secret government experiments.

However, it is important to note that the scientific community widely rejects the claims of the chemtrail conspiracy theory. Experts explain that the trails observed in the sky are simply contrails, which are composed of ice crystals formed when hot jet exhaust comes into contact with cold air at high altitudes. These contrails can persist and spread due to atmospheric conditions, such as humidity and wind patterns.

Numerous scientific studies and investigations have been conducted to debunk the chemtrail conspiracy theory, providing evidence that contradicts the claims made by its proponents. These studies demonstrate that the alleged chemicals or biological agents in chemtrails are either nonexistent or present at levels consistent with normal atmospheric conditions.

Namajunas was skeptical in spite of the explanation and commented “fair enough looks weird and we’ve been having not normal weather for our location so just randomly connecting dots maybe it’s not nothin idk.”.

The winner of the craziest response award goes to another UFC star – Bryce Mitchell.

Mitchell shared:

Now, Mitchell is known for spreading conspiracy theories and making irrational comments.

Thug Nasty has been vocal about his support for Flat Earth. Unsurprisingly, he recently revealed that he is starring in a film that promoted the so-called flat earth theory. Previously Mitchell called out Joe Rogan to a debate on flat Earth.

Namajunas has been out of action after her loss to Carla Esparza at UFC 274 in May last year.

Many Instagram users suggested that she had gone down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole in order to cope with losing the UFC Women’s Strawweight belt.

Thankfully, a few hours later she made an edit saying “so I guess they could be cirrus clouds But I still think they look like some nasty miracle gro or somethin idk.”.

Namajunas is likely to face BJJ phenom Mackenzie Dern on her comeback. To prepare for the BJJ star, Namajunas entered several grappling competitions including the ADCC open in Denver.

Namajunas ended up placing third.