Ronda Rousey rags on MMA casuals about bandwagoning, rates WWE fans ahead of UFC ones

Dana White recently discussed his initial take on starting the women’s division in UFC. White also brought his famous interview on women’s in UFC into discussions with Herzog and claimed it was the one thing in his life that always haunted him.

In 2011, a clip of Dana White took the internet by storm in which he denied the involvement of women in UFC.

White laughed at women in UFC and replied,’ Never. Ever.’

But that would all change when he met Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey was the first superstar in the UFC and was the first whose fame eclipsed UFC. To date just a few athletes have managed to have their popularity break into mainstream, among them Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor.

But Ronda isn’t convinced that the UFC fans are authentic enough and recently made comments questioning their devotion. She shared her views on the ‘Baddest Stream on the Planet,’:

“WWE fans care more about the wrestlers than the UFC fans care about the fighters,” “UFC fans have, like, much less respect for their veterans and the legends of the sport than WWE fans do.”

“A lot of UFC fans are kind of like bandwagon fans in that way. It’s like, the second you’re not on top, you’re dead to them. Whereas WWE fans are like, ‘This is the guy that, you know, did this 20 years ago,’ and they’re still really excited about that.”

And while Rousey is a notoriously sore loser she does have a point. After all a company had dumped Kamaru Usman after a single loss in his UFC career.