Receipient of UFC’s ‘I got effin bit’ bonus reveals feels ‘SORRY’ for opponent, would rematch him

In a recent UFC event, flyweight contender Andre Lima found himself in an unexpected situation. His opponent Igor Severino bit him during their match.

Severino was making his debut in the Octagon during their UFC bout in Las Vegas. He surprised viewers by biting Lima’s arm midway through the match. The act not only caused visible marks but also resulted in Lima experiencing intense pain, prompting immediate intervention from officials.

But instead of harboring resentment, Lima expressed empathy towards Severino. This is especially after learning about the consequences Severino faced post-match.

Severino was disqualified as a result of the bite, and UFC president Dana White promptly removed him from the competition.

He told to TMZ on Monday: “I feel so sorry, to be honest. I’m sad for him because he came from the same thing, the struggle like I did. He has a family… bright future. I feel so much for him because I know the same journey I have, he has too. I feel bad for him.”

Despite being the victim of Severino’s bite, Lima chose to empathize with his opponent’s situation. Speaking to TMZ Sports, he acknowledged the challenges both contenders encountered in their respective journeys to the UFC.

Lima even expressed interest in a potential rematch with Severino should the latter be given another opportunity in the UFC.

To top it all off, Lima received a $50,000 bonus from White for enduring the ordeal. He also got  a tattoo of the bite mark that Severino left on his arm.

He said: “I wanna help my mom, a few people in my family. I wanna buy a car. That’s one thing I’ve wanted for a long time and now I can buy my car.”

Lima remains focused on his ultimate goal of becoming a world champion in the UFC. He views this incident as a mere footnote in his journey and is determined to leave a lasting legacy in the sport.