Rashad Evans Denies Joe Rogan Is Racist

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans refuses to believe that the famous podcast host Joe Rogan is a racist bigot. Joe Rogan found himself in trouble after a video compilation of him saying a racial slur roughly 20 times over the span of 10 years got spread online.

Rogan got attacked by many celebrities and in an orchestrated effort to cancel him. Many fighters came to his aid and denied that Rogan is a racist. One of them is the African American professional fighter Rashad Evans.

During a recent talk with TMZ Sports, Evans gave his opinion about Rogan. The 42-year-old veteran said that he understands Rogan’s situation. Evans doesn’t like the idea that Joe Rogan said racial slurs for any reason. However, he also believes that Rogan is not a bad person who merits this kind of a media cancellation campaign.

“It’s very tough for me. That compilation of the ‘N-Word’, it really is hard to go against that. But I know Joe, and I know the kind of person Joe is, and Joe’s never gave me any kinda feeling or any kind of indication that he’s racist or anything like that. I believe that people make some off-kilter remarks sometimes. And when you’re a comedian, you’re used to doing that. “Not to excuse any of this, but at the same time when you go back that far, I’m sure there’s going to be a compilation of a lot of unfavorable things that people have said that can come back and bite them.” said Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans and Joe Rogan knew each other for a long time since Evans was still active as a UFC roster. Rashad Evans fought within the UFC banner for around 12 years. The two met a lot during that time as Rogan is also a color commentator for the UFC up until now.

Though Evans retired from the UFC in 2018, he returned to compete in mixed martial arts within Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Eagle FC. He recently defeated Gabriel Checco via decision in January.

As for Joe Rogan, after such controversy surrounding him, the UFC is still planning to have him as a commentator for the upcoming UFC 271 event this weekend