Rampage Jackson signs with “Fight Circus”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson has signed a deal with “Fight Circus”, a Thailand-based combat sports league known for its oddball matchups. Jackson, who won the UFC light heavyweight championship in 2007, will be featured in the organization’s upcoming event on March 31, likely to be “Fight Circus 6”.

Fight Circus is a promotion that focuses mainly on pop-MMA, which involves non-professionals or amateurs with little experience and proper training in mixed martial arts. The matches usually feature unique and ridiculous scenarios, such as intergender bouts, medieval clashes, and dwarf vs. dwarf events.

Full Metal Dojo has hosted several events under the name “Fight Circus”, featuring athletes competing while wearing casual outfits or having several smaller guys taking on one big guy. While the organization has not revealed what kind of action Jackson will be participating in, it is likely to be something kooky.

Rampage Jackson is no stranger to the world of combat sports. He won the UFC light heavyweight championship back in 2007 by defeating Chuck Liddell and defended it once against Dan Henderson. In 2015, he was released by the UFC and joined rival promotion Bellator MMA.

During his time at Bellator MMA, Jackson had a record of 1-3, with his latest bout being in 2019 against Fedor Emelianenko, which he lost via first-round knockout. He was then released by Bellator MMA but expressed interest in having a few more matches before retiring.

In a talk on No Jumper, Jackson expressed his desire to have several grudge matches before retiring. He mentioned Wanderlei Silva, whom he competed against four times, with the score currently tied at 2-2.

Jackson would also like face Marvin Eastman, with whom he has a tied record of 1-1, and Darrill Schoonover, whom he gave the nickname “T*tties” and who apparently hates him.