Rampage Jackson gives Bodybuilder who is challenging MMA stars a reality check: Logan Paul would kick your ass

In a candid exchange, UFC veteran Rampage Jackson delivered a blunt assessment, stating that social media personality Bradley Martyn would face a daunting challenge against Logan Paul in an MMA match.

The conversation unfolded during Martyn’s podcast, where the famous bodybuilder expressed interest in venturing into mixed martial arts and identified Logan Paul as a potential opponent.

Known for his towering stature at 6ft 2in and 260 pounds, Martyn gained attention by claiming he could defeat notable combat sports athletes in a no holds barred clash just based on his size, despite limited martial arts experience.

During the podcast, Jackson, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, dismissed the notion of a Martyn vs. Paul matchup.

While Martyn believed he could be a formidable opponent for Logan Paul, Jackson disagreed, emphasizing that Paul, despite not being a legitimate combat sports athlete, would likely emerge victorious. Jackson candidly stated, “But, he sucks. Yeah, he would probably kick your *ss. You’ll get your *ss kicked by Logan Paul. He is a great athlete. You wanna fight him in an MMA fight? He is going to kick your *ss.”

The UFC veteran highlighted the potential risk for Logan Paul, suggesting that the social media star may avoid facing Martyn due to the perceived threat and the potential consequences of such a matchup.

Despite Martyn’s confidence and claim of some training in hand-to-hand combat, Jackson’s warning adds a dose of reality to the hypothetical scenario.

Logan Paul, known for his boxing matches against KSI, Floyd Mayweather, and Dillon Danis, as well as his wrestling background from high school and current involvement with WWE, possesses a level of combat sports experience that Martyn may not fully appreciate.