Rampage Jackson credits Jake Paul for ‘rescuing’ the sport of boxing

Jake Paul started his professional boxing career back in 2019 – after he found success monetizing his (fake) wedding via PPV.

Still – one MMA veteran credits him for single handedly saving the sport of boxing. That star is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Jackson started his professional career in 1999 and has had his last bout in 2019 against Fedor Emelianenko.

“I don’t think about them but I think that they are very entertaining. It seems like they resuscitated boxing. With all due respect to all the boxers even though I’m MMA all day, I represent MMA and we got a war against boxers right now, I don’t hate boxers or the sport of boxing. I think boxing is a great craft that I’ve been trading for 15 or more years now. Once Mike Tyson left boxing wasn’t exciting anymore,” Jackson told SCMP MMA.

Jackson went on to explain that after the Tyson era -many modern boxers started point-fighting which made the audience and himself lose interest.

“I liked a lot of people but like the wild- like they started point fighting like fighting not to lose almost every fight go into decision, nobody gets, nobody getting knocked out, like you know just like the new the new age humans and we have shorter attention span ever since they invented the damn microwave we don’t wanna wait for s–t, you know what I’m saying.”

“And so I feel like the Paul brothers they’ve probably been more exciting to it, they they’ve been fighting. They’ve been boxing people, they’re not even boxers. And you know, people can criticize stuff like that, but then in the end of the day…”