Prochazka Explains the Viral Video of Him Outside T-Mobile Arena the Night Before: “I’m not a psycho”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka went viral in the hours before his massive rematch against Aleksandar Rakic at UFC 300. A video circulated on social media showing the eccentric Czech fighter engaged in what appeared to be a ritualistic routine outside T-Mobile Arena on the Vegas Strip.

In the footage, Prochazka is seen standing motionless, eyes closed, swaying slightly as he appeared deep in meditation or visualization. While eccentric to onlookers, Prochazka explained after his victory that this is simply part of his pre-fight ritual and mindset preparation.

“That’s my kind of meditation…when I’m doing these things because when you really want something, it’s not you that wants something. That dream, that vision, wants you,” Prochazka said. “You have to just take courage and courageous action.”

The 30-year-old elaborated that this mindful practice is something he has engaged in since he was 16 years old, visualizing his greatest version and aligning himself with that vision through diligent focus and mental work.

“When you are peaceful, quiet in yourself, and really connect to yourself – to the best version of yourself – and you know what will come…you have to work on that every day,” he explained. “It’s the law of attraction. You have to just follow your vision in an honest way.”

While the behavior may seem odd to outsiders, elite athletes like Prochazka often have unique routines and superstitions they believe unlock their peak performance. Clearly it worked for the former champion, who rebounded from a title loss to Alex Pereira by battering Rakic for a TKO victory in the second round of their thrilling rematch.