Pop MMA brings back obese guy that lost to a girl – just to get faceplanted in the cage

Many mainstream youtubers pivoted to PPV events around the pandemic. And while most of them opt to take up boxing, there’s a rising tide of Pop MMA events in Eastern Europe.

Pop MMA tends to feature amateurs in amusing match ups that are often blatantly unfair or mismatched.

One such matchup featured 32 stone male – Grigory Chistyakov against a woman.

Back in 2020, Epic FC matched Chistyakov against a female strawweight Aleksandra Stepakova.

30 year old Stepakova went to a decision with Chistyakov in quite a scrap. The two had a contest that went on for 3 rounds of unforgettable action and even had a spectator rush the cage and kick him – in an attempt to discourage him from still competing against a woman.

Despite the fact that Chistyakov was barely breathing at the end of the 15 minute event, he was declared the winner by decision.

But even after this event, Chistyakov hasn’t hung up the gloves. Instead he re-appeared at an event over the weekend.

Instead he went to Kazahstan to Pin Up event where he was matched against Erkebulan who got a quick KO win and got the obese competitor to faceplant in the cage amidst all the exhaustion.

Chistyakov had been previously defeated by another female he competed against – Darina Mazdyuk. Darina Mazdyuk faced YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov in an inter-gender bout at Our Business, which received a lot of heat from fans and critics. Chistyakov weighed close to four times her weight at the time of the contest.

Chistyakov grabbed her and trapped her in what looked like a guillotine choke initially – and it looked like she was worse off than Stepakova however she managed to scrape by.

She then launched a flurry of strikes that sent Grigory Chistyakov crashing into the canvas – and became a viral star eventually ending up at Bellator where she just had her debut.

She lost to Katarzyna Sadura via TKO.