Petr Yan Credits street fighting for his MMA Success

It is well-known that street fighting is way more dangerous than professional fighting. Filled with rage, people tend to be more violent during a street fight. And there’s many variables you simply cannot predict in a foreign environment. Many people would agree that one should avoid street fights as much as possible. However, the UFC bantamweight interim champion Petr Yan believes having fought in street fights could help professional fighters in their MMA careers.

The Russian born fighter was one of the many fighters who had experience in street fighting. Yan reportedly fought a lot during his school days. Not only at his school but he was also constantly fighting on the street.

On one occasion, Petr Yan was being asked if street fighting can help boost a professional MMA fighter’s overall performance. ‘No Mercy’ explained that in a street fight you don’t get to choose your opponents and there are no weight classes, rules, or a referee to halt the fight.

He believes having experience in a way harder and dangerous fight would make a professional fight easier.

“100 percent street fighting can help your MMA career. It’s a great experience. The street is the place where the gong is not turned on. Where there is no referee. Sometimes you have to survive. I never had a choice with whom to fight, so I am ready to take on any opponent.” Petr Yan  said.

The UFC welterweight and middleweight veteran Georges St-Pierre would agree with Petr Yan as he also mentioned his experience in street fighting quite a lot.

GSP admitted he has fought  in a lot of street fights in his life.

“Fighting in MMA and fighting in the street are two different things. Yes, I’m a mixed martial arts competitor, that’s what I’ve done all my life, but I also have a lot of street fights in my life. A lot.” Told GSP to Fridman.

When being asked about what is the difference between professional fighting and street fighting,

“In the street fight, there is no referee,” GSP added “[what’s important] is the element of surprise. And if you’re a nice guy and not the aggressor, you always have the element of surprise.”

“It’s very important to understand that in a street fight the element of surprise is important and there are no rules. So much more things going on.” Told GSP.

The UFC veteran also said that a UFC fighter is not invincible in a street fight. Anyone can throw a punch, even if it’s not the right of throwing a punch, it is still dangerous.

“Because you’re a UFC fighter you think you are invincible? This is BS. Most people don’t know how to punch, but they know how to make a fist and throw it forward.”

Petr Yan won the interim championship against Cory Sandhagen and is set to have a rematch with the current UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling. Many UFC fans hated Aljo because his victory came from Yan’s disqualification. Petr Yan accidentally delivered an illegal knee during their title fight in March last year. This resulted in Petr Yan losing his bantamweight title and marked his one and only loss within the UFC since he joined the promotion in 2018.