Pee Gate: UFC 271 To Feature Another Controversial Pee Ritual Haver

Several days ago we talked about the controversial way Israel Adesanya celebrated his first victory in the UFC – by pretend peeing in the cage as if to mark his territory.

Adesanya had been told that the brass never wanted to see him do it again:

“‘They told my manager that, ‘We handle a lot of sponsors, millions of dollars in sponsors. So for him to pretend to be with his d**k out and shaking it after he pees as well or whatever, it’s not really a good look.’ For me, how I see it is, f**k, what are the sponsors worried about: Me pretending to whip an imaginary d**k out and pee everywhere to mark my territory or just watching me just beat the f**k out of a dude? I don’t know what kind of game these sponsors are playing or whatever, but for me, I just have to make a statement. Any top dog would do it. My stench is still there. Whenever I get back into the cage, I’m sure I’ll smell it.”

UFC 271 will also feature Jared Cannonier. Cannonier is scheduled to be fighting Derek Brunson. But Cannonier previously called out Adesanya with his celebration – sort of.

You might remember Adesanya celebrated like this:



Cannonier subsequently sniffed the cage where the controversial celebration had taken place – and one upped it.