Paulo Costa: Khamzat Chimaev only wants small guys he can bully

UFC middleweight star Paulo Costa has been picking up Ws left and right. Costa was the first one to overshadow Chimaev’s impending weight issues. Some days back, he’d started refering to Chimaev as ‘Gourmet Chen Chen’.

This is just another slam on Khamzat Chimaev. Costa and Chimaev recently had an altercation at the UFC PI. It’s the public’s consensus that Costa had won considering he was entirely unbothered and considering that Chimaev had waited in front to instigate and then had his entourage call him.

Following the altercation, many fans were excited to see Khamzat Chimaev take on Paulo Costa. However, ‘Borz’ dismissed the idea and claims he has no interest in going toe-to-toe with Costa in the octagon.

Recently Costa explained Chimaev’s reluctance to engage with him whether it be at the UFC PI or in a sanctioned bout.

During a talk with The Mac Life, Paulo Costa  explained:

“I know you just want to fight small guys, short guys, shy guys like Burns. Guys who you can beat and be a bully, but I’m not. I’m a big one, I’m the biggest middleweight in the UFC so you cannot bully me. When you show up, I will be here, ready for you because you are a ‘Gourmet Chechen,’ you are a fake gangster so that’s it.” Costa said.

Costa believes Chimaev is a weight bully who cut weight to have a reach advantage in the lighter division.

“I know this guy doesn’t want this fight. He will try and fight somebody else who has no grappling, no jiu-jitsu, no wrestling. I have nothing more to say about that guy. I’m fresh, I can fight him with just one hand because it’s broken, but I don’t care man.” Costa added.

‘The Eraser’ just defeated former champion Luke Rockhold at UFC 278 last month and bounced back from his back-to-back losses. Talking about his next, Costa has several potential opponents in the middleweight division but he has his eyes on Marvin Vettori and a rematch with the reigning champion Israel Adesanya.