Paulo Costa calls out Dillon Danis on shilling crypto while shilling crypto himself

Dillon Danis became a household name after Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped the fence after defeating Conor McGregor and flying into the crowd to confront Danis about the comments he was making prior to the event.

But Danis – who comes from a bjj background – is an MMA pro himself. He just hasn’t been actively competing for a couple of years due to two knee reconstruction surgeries he had to undergo.

In the mean time Danis had been banking on his family’s Armenian ties and on his own ties to Conor McGregor in order to make a hefty payday. Danis has been regularly doing ‘money giveaways ‘ (which are unverified) on twitter in lead up to big events. He’s also been promoting crypto left and right.

But all these weren’t enough for Dillon who famously tweets and deletes so he endorsed yet another one.

UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa saw the shill and roasted him for it.

Costa and Dillon Danis have crossed paths before with Danis calling Costa ’embarrassing’ :

Danis has also since replied to Costa’s call out comparing himself to Luke Rockhold.

Costa didn’t shy away from responding:

Costa isn’t blameless when it comes to crypto either. He’s one of the bigger names sponsored by Cryptocurrency Marshall Rogan Inu. MRI was started with the idea of helping athletes but is in reality a slow rugpull more than likely.

There were rumors of Marshall Rogan Inu going broke in July.

In reality the currency is a far cry from the peak it reached during the UFC 272 card on which they sponsored practically everyone.

Marshall Inu was sponsoring a number of athletes including Chael Sonnen and Ian Heinisch who would often promote the project on social media.

As far back as May, Sonnen has promoted the ‘community’ and even went so far as to promote their own ‘crypto bonus’ meant to piggy back off of UFC’s official partnership with

For those wondering, the partnership might also be crumbling for the UFC thanks to the bear market.

Back in June, announced that it’s laying off around 260 workers, or around 5 percent of its workforce, according to a Twitter thread from its CEO, Kris Marszalek.

Costa was hoping for a quick turn around after victory over Luke Rockhold, however he revealed to The Schmo he’d broken his hand in process.

“I broke my hand in the fight,” Costa said. “I thought I had a bone injury or maybe ligaments, but what really happened was a fracture to the metacarpal bone. I hoped it wasn’t a fracture because then I would be able to come back to fighting again in 50 or 60 days and use all the conditioning and the whole camp I’ve done [for UFC 278].”

He’s likely to return in January:
” in December or January. We’ll have a UFC card in Rio [on January 21] so maybe it happens there. It’s up to the UFC.”