Paddy Pimblett will only accept a spar with Jake Paul if he agrees to put the prize money in an escrow account

UFC’s Paddy Pimblett got into a Feud with Youtuber turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Paul took offense to allegations that his boxing bout against Anderson Silva was rigged.

Jake responded to the allegations and challenged Pimblett to a sparring contest with a million dollar prize.

Pimblett had no problem with the sparring itself, but looks like the UFC star is aiming for more than a boxing beat down.

Jake Paul posted a video in twitter saying:

“I have a proposition for you, since you wouldn’t rig a fight, right? Let’s spar. Fly to Puerto Rico. I’ll get you a private jet. We can do five, 3-minute rounds, boxing. If you win, I’ll give you a million dollars, which is what you deserve to get paid, Paddy, but the UFC isn’t paying you that.

“But if I win you have to join the (United Fighters Association) and help me sign up all of the fighters in the U.K. So let’s spar since you wouldn’t rig a fight. I’ll fly you out, a million for you. Put your money where your mouth is. Let’s go.”

Pimblet responded to the challenge on his Youtube Channel who accepted the challenge on the condition that he puts his money in an escrow account.

“Lad, I will spar him anytime. Anytime. you know what I mean? But the thing is, lad, you’d have to get the million put in like an Escrow because I know he’d just bump me. He wouldn’t give me a million dollars after I beat him up.”

Pimblett also fired back that Paul never fighted on even terms and didn’t mince his words that he wanted to give Paul more than a beating.

“If I fought Jake Paul, he’d have to come down to 180lb, maybe even 175lb. I fight at 155lb, he fights at 195lb so we can meet in the middle. That’s the thing with Jake Paul, he always wants it on his terms. He’ll never have it with someone on an even playing field.”

“If I felt like it though, when I was sparring him I’d just pick him up and drop him on his head couldn’t I? You know what I mean? If I felt like it. I could just shoot in, pick him up, drop him on his fog, and then kick him in the face on the floor if I wanted to. You know what I mean?”

Despite the back and forth trash talking Pimblett recognizes Paul’s smart antics, also revealed that Paul is booked in Jan 5th to do a podcast. Considering some of the harsh responses, none of them contains animosity compared to Jake Paul.

“Jake Paul’s booked in to do my podcast on the 5th of January,” Pimblett said. “He’s not stupid, he knows what he’s doing. Give him his due, he is quite smart.”

Paddy Pimblett quickly went from an NPC to a key player. In the fall out from Jiri Prozhaksa’s shoulder injury Pimblett was promoted to co-main event of upcoming PPV card set to happen next weekend.

On the same card – is an old foe of Pimblett’s Ilia Topuria.