Paddy Pimblett threatens to teabag Jordan Leavitt irked by comments

Jordan Leavitt might not be a seasoned UFC athlete but he’s certainly made an impression after he twerked in the cage to celebrate a victory. Leavitt also shared that he looks forward to doing that to hometown hero Paddy Pimblett during his UFC London appearance.

Pimblett didn’t take the comments in kind and instead threatned a peculiar vendetta akin to what Adesanya did to Paulo Costa in the cage.

Pimblett shared:
‘He’s an absolute crab. Do you know what I mean? He can’t throw a punch to save his life, and he’s trying to talk sh*t … my nan is dead, and she’d finish him,’ Pimblett continued.

‘I’ve never really been p***ed off leading up to a fight. (Luigi) Vendramini and (Kazula) Vargas were respectful, as I was to them. He’s a little maggot, and I’m going to proper batter him for it.’

‘I’ve never come into a fight once to hurt my opponent. I’m going to hurt him. If I get the chance, I’m going to split him open with elbows or rearrange his face.’

‘He comes in to fight not to lose … try to take me down and sit on top of me and sniff my balls for three rounds. It’s not going to work.’

And as for the vendetta it’s apparently video game inspired:
‘I’m gonna teabag him, man. I’m gonna teabag him like it’s Modern Warfare 2 … I’ll just squat up and down as close to his head as I possibly can without the ref shouting at me,’ he said.

Pimblett’s star is on the rise in the promotion. Pimblett confirmed couple months prior that he signed a lucrative new deal and he’ll no longer be risking brain damage for $12,000. This perhaps sparked a change in his attitude towards how UFC is treating it’s athletes. Both Pimblett and teammate Molly Mccann recently said:
“People moan about the wages, but if you’re a boring fighter, no personality, it’s always stuff like that. They never go, ‘Ah, yeah, it’s my own fault. Or, ‘I’m a boring b*stard.’ Some people can’t talk on a mic, but they’re the boss in the cage. I always say, “You’ve got to have the whole package.” Pimblett said.

Meanwhile, Molly McCann emphasized on UFC’s effort to give the best service for their athletes.

“No other promotion would fly you around the world to put you in the five-star hotels. When you arrive, you send them your weight, and they’ll come up with a refeed program. They’ll give you food all of the week. They’re with you non-stop. Then you’ve got the Performance Institute, which is like the EIS (English Institute of Sport). We’ve got one in Las Vegas where you’re allowed to go and use it for free, so you’ve constantly got free physio (therapy), strength and conditioning programs.” McCann said.

Both Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann will be featured at UFC London this weekend. Pimblett will face fellow prospect Jordan Leavitt while McCann will take on Hannah Goldy and try to get her third consecutive win.