Paddy Pimblett is refusing to watch the Qatar World Cup because ‘Molly McCann wouldn’t be welcome there’

UFC rising star Paddy Pimblett said that he refuses to watch the World Cup 2022 despite being a huge football fan.

It is no secret that Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett is a big football fan. He is often spotted watching Liverpool at Anfield road Stadium. Several big Liverpool players such as Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold are competing in the World Cup with the England national team. However, Paddy doesn’t seem to be interested in going to Qatar to watch them live.

During an interview with Sport Bible, the 27-year-old said that the reason is because Molly McCann wouldn’t be allowed to be there.

“No, I have not been watching the World Cup. I’m not watching that World Cup. Molly wouldn’t be welcome there so why would I watch it?”

Pimblett is a close friend of UFC women’s flyweight Molly McCann, who engaged in a lesbian relationship. With Qatar’s strict rule on banning LGBT stuff, Pimblett has turned his back on it.

As for McCann, the 32-year-old shares the same energy as Pimblett. Prior to her outing at UFC 281 pre-fight press conference, McCann was asked about her opinion on the England national team. But, she expressed that she doesn’t care at all because Qatar is the host for the World Cup.

“I’m not bothered about that, I’m not feeling the Qatar vibes and all the human rights that haven’t gone down there. I won’t even be watching it.” McCann said.

Qatar has become the center of attention when it won the bid to host The World Cup 2022. Several parties strongly disagree with holding the world cup in Qatar. Many believe that the bidding was fixed. They also think it’s inhumane to hold the World Cup there with thousands of migrant workers dying to build the stadiums. And lastly, Qatar’s culture that strongly prohibits LGBT.