Paddy Pimblett accuses UFC foe of using a homophobic slur

Paddy Pimblett is playing an interesting game. The rising UFC star definitely has the publicity to get to the next level – but what Paddy’s lacking is probably consistency. Thus far, he stumbled at first in Round 1 – but then managed to finish both of his UFC opponents.

And the disparity between octagon jitters and his stardom created him a lot of enemies – chief among them the Georgian transplant Ilia Topuria.

Previously Topuria and Pimblett got into a confrontation and Topuria launched a soap dispensor at Paddy.

The latest ‘beef’ between the two stems from Pimblett accusing Topuria of using a slur. This is especially hilarious if you know the history of their conflict.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Pimblett was told he should fight Topuria to which he replied: “Everybody says they want to fight me bro, called clickbait!

“What do u think he chatted s*** for and caused a scene in London? So people actually knew who he was. Nobody even knew him until I bounced a bottle of his head the lil bum, I see him all week with no cameras and he [did] nothing!”

Topuria replied: “eres un come pinga”, which translates to “you are a d*** eater”. Pimblett wrote back: “Pretty homophobic don’t ya think mate? What if I actually did? What would u say then? F****ng weirdo u stop using my name for publicity u little b**** stick to being homophobic in ur own country.”

Woke Pimblett is especially amusing due to the fact he has a history of racially charged postings.


In 2018, Pimblett got into an altercation with fellow UFC prospect Muhammad Mokaev.

After his mother passed away, Mokaev’s family fled to England when he was 8 years old. Since then, Mokaev took on wrestling as a sport and managed to win 6 British Wrestling championships. Today, Mokaev proudly represents the English flag at the biggest MMA stage in the world.

But, according to Pimblett, Mokaev is a “fraud” for sporting his country’s flags.

“No u[sic] wear that flag as a fraud. Ur [you are] not from here u [sic] idiot.” Pimblett comments Mokaev.

When Mokaev presented the fact that Pimblett was being racist, Pimblett responded:

“How am I racist? Was[sic] u born here? Nope, then u shudnt[sic] represent this country.”

Pimblett has repeatedly shared his discontent with immigrants living in his home country. In several tweets, he stated that some of the reasons for England’s problems are due to the number of foreign people living in the queen’s country.

“This county [country] is a f***ing mess because of the government lad, simple as that,” Paddy writes in a past tweet.

“lots of immigrants have landed in this country an[sic] took over full areas, some places don’t even speak English [and you are] telling me that’s good for this country?”

In another instance, the fighter retweeted a very angry tweet about a refugee who was complaining about having to live with a large family inside a shipping container provided by the government.



Ahead of UFC London, Pimblett got into a physical altercation with Georgian Lightweight Ilia Topuria, who was set to be featured on the same card. Topuria started the confrontation because of comments Pimblett made in the past about his home country.

In a now-deleted tweet from 2021, Paddy wrote:

The comment is a clear nod to the Russo-Georgian War that happened in 2008. Much like today’s Ukraine, Georgia was in an armed conflict with Russia, which resulted in thousands of Georgian lives lost.

Glass houses, non?