Oscar De La Hoya was outed for using a plastic surgeon to attain a 6-pack at 50 years old

Oscar De La Hoya surprised his fans with a snap of his ripped physique on social media.

The 11-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist recently uploaded a video on social media. In the clip, he is shirtless and shadowboxing during a Christmas day sparring session.

But despite of having spent his entire life in professional sports – De La Hoya had some help from a plastic surgeon in order to accomplish this exorbitant physique.

When the pictures first emerged, Boxing communities around the internet speculated that De La Hoya got abdominal implants.

Abdominal implants are somewhat jarring and not quite to the degree of success other plastic surgeries are right now.

Suspected cases of abdominal implants
Suspected cases of abdominal implants

But while these three are ambiguous, Oscar De La Hoya was outed by his girlfriend Holly Sonders.

 “And to set the record straight…he got ab etching. No implants. These are his abs, just defined by a great surgeon!” – Sonders commented from her verified instagram account on a revealing picture of De La hoya.