Oscar De La Hoya slams Mayweather over Ryan Garcia promotion: ‘F—k off’

Ryan Garcia (24-1) is one of the most prominent figures in the current boxing landscape. The former WBC interim Lightweight champion recently bounced back from his first professional defeat.

Garcia delivered a great knockout against Oscar Duarte in his recent match. This victory not only redeemed his record but also positioned him for potential high-profile matchups and lucrative pay-per-view events.

Initially, Garcia had his sights set on a long-anticipated showdown with multiple-division champion Devin Haney (31-0). The two had crossed paths multiple times during their amateur days.

But after a successful run with Floyd Mayweather, Garcia had second thoughts. He instead chose to take on the reigning WBA Super Lightweight champion, Rolly Romero (15-1).

Mayweather’s sudden impact on Garcia’s decision-making is interesting. Following a setback against Gervonta Davis, Garcia not only changed his training environment but also expressed discontent with Golden Boy Promotions and its founder Oscar De La Hoya. Tensions escalated between Garcia and De La Hoya, with the addition of Mayweather only adding fuel to the fire.

In response to Mayweather’s influence, De La Hoya took to his Instagram story with a succinct yet powerful message for the boxing legend:

“Pre-run with Floyd = Ryan wants Haney. Post-run with Floyd = Ryan wants Rolly. Golden boy has worked with Ryan Garcia since he turned pro, and together have made him the biggest draw in boxing. We will make his fight with Rolly into a huge event, as we always do. Floyd, if you want to give Ryan the secret to defense in the ring, that’s great. Other than that, if you are still a promoter like it says here, f—k off.”

This response reflects a palpable tension and raises questions about the relationship between Ryan Garcia and his promoter. As of now, the bout between Garcia and Romero remains unsigned. However, an announcement for this potentially big event is expected sooner.

Fans are waiting for further news of the impending matchup or further drama between Garcia and Golden Boy Promotions.