Olympic medalist in boxing slams Powerslap: Absolutely Stupid, Should be banned

While Dana White is prancing around out there and trying to pretend like Powerslap is a huge success the show’s been oustered from primetime and sent straight to alt right platform rumble.

MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani called out White on his posturing and slammed the NSAC commission once again.

There are rumblings that NSAC might consider revoking the license they gave to Powerslap due to lack of foul enforcing and overall the amount of brain damage the competition has caused.

“How this is a sport… never mind a legal sport is beyond me. And Dana White is trying to promote this. It’s absolutely stupid. If there is a sport in the world. No, I’m not going to call this a sport. I’m going to give it a credit. If there is something in the world that needs banning, I believe that it should be this.”

Power Slap’s first season concluded on March 11, with Christopher Thomas, Azael Rodriguez, Ayjay Hintz, and Ron Bata being crowned champions in their respective weight classes. The show’s pre-recorded episodes were aired on Wednesday night after All Elite Wrestling, and TV viewership varied from 220,000 to 413,000 throughout the eight episodes, with the final edition garnering the lowest ratings.

The free live finale on rumble was viewed by roughly 200,000 people. But despite the alleged millions of views on social media the UFC even had to fake tweets to put on the broadcast.