OF model turned boxer questioned on how her kids will feel about her career: “They can cry in a Ferrari”

Elle Brooke is a well-known figure in the world of OnlyFans.

She recently engaged in a compelling conversation with Piers Morgan, where she shed light on her unconventional career path and the unique dynamics within her family.

Brooke confidently defended her decision to forego her law degree in favor of pursuing a career in adult entertainment. She highlighted the allure of substantial earnings and her natural ability to captivate audiences as pivotal factors influencing her choices.

During the interview, Morgan inquired about the opinions of Brooke’s family regarding her chosen career path. To everyone’s surprise, Brooke revealed that her parents, who she claims are on her payroll, actually approve of her work.


As an adult with full autonomy over her life, Brooke emphasized that her mother, despite not openly boasting about it, respects her choices. Additionally, she disclosed that her mother has been indirectly supporting her business by assisting with administrative tasks.

As the conversation delved deeper, Morgan raised concerns about the potential impact of Brooke’s career on her future children.

In response, Brooke lightheartedly quipped, “I don’t really want kids right now. They can cry in a Ferrari.” This remark garnered mixed reactions from the audience, particularly from fans who felt that Brooke’s self-centered response failed to consider the potential mental distress and bullying her future children might face due to her career choices.

It is essential to recognize that the online world can be unforgiving, particularly when it comes to public figures and their families.

While Elle Brooke confidently defends her choices and enjoys the support of her parents, the potential ramifications for her future children should not be taken lightly. The emotional and psychological toll of bullying can be significant.

Brooke also enjoys a career in celebrity boxing where she’s currently on the road to the finals of coveted Kingpyn tournament  – where she could even face her sister.