Nick Diaz targeting MMA return in 2022 – claims he wants the title

Nick Diaz has resurfaced after months of radio silence. The 38 year old MMA veteran  returned last year – after a suspension break he’s had since 2015.

Despite the lackluster showing against Robbie Lawler, Diaz still thinks a title shot could be in his future.

After all the Welterweight division is in somewhat of a limbo.

“We’re working on the end of the year,” Diaz told TMZ.

“I don’t need to go in there and get my ass whooped by one of them young guys anyway, and it’s not that I won’t win,” Nick says, admitting, “It’s just I’m not motivated.”

“I wanna fight for the title. I don’t wanna do all this — I’m 38 years old.”

And as for Usman – Diaz believes he has him pegged.

“I think I’ll beat him.”

Of course TMZ failed to ask Diaz about his sketchy managerial situation. Diaz ‘rekindled’ things with Cesar Gracie last year. This would be a nonissue if DIaz hadn’t previously laid some serious claims against Gracie and how his early career was mismanaged.

Regardless of who he returns against, Diaz stands to make a sizable check which is always great to see when it comes to a veteran of the sport.

Dana White was previously outspoken that he’s not eager to see Nick back in the octagon:

“Regardless of how good he looked [against Lawler] or what he did after such a huge layoff, I don’t think Nick should fight,” White said.

“It’s not that I was in favor of it. He’s a grown man and can do whatever he wants to do. I just don’t think that Nick does it because he loves it. I think Nick does it because he has to do it.

“I don’t know, man. People always ask me, ‘What’s the key to success?’ It’s all about being happy and doing what you love.”