Ngannou reacts to Joshua loss, claims he had difficulty being alert during warmups

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou recently unveiled a surprising fact regarding his state of fatigue just moments before his highly anticipated boxing match against Anthony Joshua. This disclosure comes after Ngannou’s second professional boxing defeat, a knockout that left fans surprised.

In a candid confession during an interview, Ngannou admitted to experiencing alarming lethargy as he attempted to warm up backstage before his bout with Anthony Joshua. He vividly described the struggle, stating:

“I remember being in the locker [room] trying to warm up, and I was feeling asleep. I’m sweating but I’m feeling asleep.

No blame to anybody, all the blame here is just about me. It’s the game, walking into that. We all knew it could happen, I wasn’t seeing it happen like that but I always knew it could happen.

It’s not over yet. We’re just getting started. The only thing we will miss here is time, and I think we have some good amount of time ahead of us.”

Ngannou is renowned for his formidable punching power, and acknowledged that opponents may have encountered similar sensations before facing him in the octagon. However, he emphasized that this fatigue before the match was a new experience for him.

Despite the setback, Ngannou refused to offer excuses or shift blame. He took full responsibility for his performance and subsequent knockout defeat. He also commended Anthony Joshua and his team for their strategic execution and acknowledged his coaching staff’s contributions.

While the 37-year-old expressed no immediate concerns regarding lingering effects from the knockout, he disclosed plans for thorough medical examinations. This includes a scheduled appointment with a neurologist as a precautionary measure. Undeterred by the defeat, Ngannou remains resolute in his pursuit of success in both boxing and MMA.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Anthony Joshua delivered a commanding performance. He ended up securing a resounding victory over Ngannou in the second round of their highly anticipated matchup. Joshua’s superior boxing skills and overwhelming power were on full display as he floored Ngannou twice. Joshua then delivered the decisive blow that rendered the Cameroonian unconscious on the canvas.

Despite the defeat, Ngannou showed glimpses of promise early in the match. He landed some initial punches. However, Joshua’s relentless pressure and precision proved too much for the MMA star to handle. Nonetheless, Joshua commended Ngannou’s courage and inspired him to keep on boxing.