Ngannou goes viral after accidentally making a pass at a reporter

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou exuded confidence and charisma during a recent interview leading up to his upcoming bout.

The former UFC heavyweight titleholder showcased his skills in open workouts preceding his boxing clash with Anthony Joshua scheduled for Friday. The intensity of his training sessions reflected his commitment to excellence in the upcoming match.

Post-workout, Ngannou engaged in interviews where his charismatic persona took center stage. A memorable moment unfolded when a female reporter inquired about watching the open workout.

The reporter asked: “Is that something you want to do, watch him do his open workout?”

Feeling quite confident, Ngannou replied: “I have something else to do, which is you.”

Ngannou’s playful banter added an element of lightheartedness, showcasing his confidence not only in the ring but also in conversation.

Ngannou’s boldness extended beyond the interview room, as he recently playfully shot his shot at celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian.

Ngannou is currently set to face former heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua on Friday. Therefore, he must strike a balance between his charismatic self and staying focused on the tough opponent ahead.

Known for his ability to knock out opponents, Ngannou voiced doubt about Joshua’s chin during an interview. “If AJ takes the punch that Fury took, I don’t guarantee that he’s standing up. I’ve heard that he doesn’t have a chin. I’m going to find out.”

Ngannou reaffirmed his plans when questioned about his resistance to punches. He stated: “I have something else to do, which is you.”

The main event of the Knockout Chaos boxing event will take place in Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will happen on Friday, March 8, 2024. The main event is a ten-round boxing match between Francis Ngannou and Anthony Joshua. Nine boxing bouts showcasing bright young talent will be on the card.