NBC News slammed over photoshopped picture of swimmer Lia Thomas

Covering the athletic pursuits of Lia Thomas became a politically supercharged issue. Whether it be from the left or the right – both sides of the aisle care deeply about the issue.

But this latest backlash has very little to do with Thomas and swimming. NBC News has been supportive of Thomas in her journey however the new network’s coverage of the event drew ire of fellow supporters when it was uncovered NBC News photoshopped Thomas substantially.

During a ‘Today’ segment last week, the celebrated network displayed filtered images of Thomas during a swimming event. The images were altered allegedly to give Thomas a ‘feminine glow’ whatever that is.

You can see Thomas has been digitally smoothened out in the segment and is barely human looking.

This obvious contrast has led to accusations that NBC News is trying to manipulate its viewers amid the controversy surrounding Thomas.


Thomas was booed following a victory in the 500m race.

While Thomas has followed all NCAA rules, many believe the rules are not adequate, giving transgender athletes an unfair advantage.

“I tried to focus on my swimming and block out everything else. It means the world to be here and be able to compete,” Thomas said in the post-race interview on deck.