NBA star Jamal Murray: If I wasn’t in the NBA I would probably be in MMA

NBA icons venturing beyond the basketball arena is a longstanding tradition. Icons like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal have ventured into diverse fields such as baseball, music, and DJing.

Adding to this list is Jamal Murray, the standout player of the Denver Nuggets. He recently talked about his interest for mixed martial arts.

In a recent candid conversation on SIRIUS XM NBA Radio, the 26-year-old basketball prodigy unveiled his fascination with MMA. Murray stated, “Yeah, I mean, that’s just a skill that if I wasn’t playing basketball, I would probably be in [MMA]. It’s my other love, I guess, for martial arts, now I’m back to working my actual job.”

Murray doesn’t merely talk the talk; he’s shown us a glimpse of his MMA prowess. A video capturing his grappling session with the UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski recently went viral. Volkanovski was really close to submitting Murray despite the vast size difference and the time limit.

Even the most physically imposing NBA players may find it difficult to match the MMA demands of technique and mental toughness. Regardless of the difficulties that could arise, Volkanovski expressed his own admiration for Murray’s MMA abilities.

Volkanovski and Jamal Murray engaged in a special challenge, bringing together the worlds of the UFC and NBA. Despite the fact that it is commonly known that both athletes are the finest in their respective sports, this cross-over matchup was more than just a friendly contest.

Murray is renowned for his agility on the court and for confronting tall opponents. He undoubtedly stepped onto the mat with confidence.

Despite Murray’s notable height and weight advantage over Volkanovski, it was the UFC champ’s seasoned expertise that shone through. With precision, Volkanovski manoeuvred into a position to execute a guillotine on Murray as the 60-second challenge reached its climax.