Nate Diaz Wants To Fight Poirier – And Then RETIRE

Nate Diaz is 36 years old. Thanks to the lucrative Conor McGregor fights he may be ready to retire. Diaz just opened up about wanting to retire from MMA.

Diaz has an MMA record consisting of 20 wins and 13 losses – he has back to back losses against Leon Edwards  and Jorge Masvidal. In spite of the optics both Masvidal and Edwards went on to be title contenders in the Welterweight division so it’s fair to say Diaz is holding his on just fine.

Diaz is rumored to be on the last fight of his UFC contract – and one he apparently wants to finish.

TMZ Sports caught up with Diaz and he revealed:

“I would like to fight Dustin Poirier. Like now. Like I’ve been trying to. If there’s any mix-up it’s him, and them, and the game,” Diaz said.

“I want the fight now. What’s up Dana White? Let’s get this retirement fight cracking so I can get out of this fight game. I’m done with it.”

Previously Diaz discussed the possibility to fight Vicente Luque  – but Luque’s manager said UFC is holding off on booking the fight due to Diaz’ reluctance to extend his contract. Regardless of if he chooses to retire UFC is unlikely to allow for DIaz to become a free agent especially considering how many MMA stars nowadays try to transition to boxing and produce lucrative paydays.

Diaz is in a similar position to Poirier – Poirier also appears to be winding down his career. The lightweight contender is reportedly tired of making 155lbs and looks forward to several more fights in the welterweight division.